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The Crank File: What I’m Reading This Week 5/13/2015

Welcome back true believers to the 16th issue of the Crank File. Speaking of the number 16, On Saturday, May 16 Great Stories takes its first step down the road towards brick and mortar, opening up shop at Bernats Antiques over in Uxbridge, MA. Stop by if you’re around this weekend. You can pick yourself up some sweet collectibles and meet some great people. Coincidentally, May 16 also happens to be my birthday. Excelsior! May I live all the days of my life.

Here’s what I’m reading this week:

The Top of the Pile: Saga # 28 Image


In case I haven’t made my feelings about Saga completely clear by now, I love this series. Any week that Saga is out, it’s the first off the pile. It’s really that good. I promise you. You need Saga in your life.

The Mainstream One: Secret Wars #2 Marvel


Not only was the Alex Ross cover for Secret Wars #1 gorgeous but it was made of that textured paper that feels velvety to the touch. Fuzzzzy. As for the actual story, I seriously enjoyed the deliberate pacing in issue #1. Hickman dished up plenty of action without a ton of exposition, allowing the tension and drama to build naturally before cutting the cord on the Marvel and Ultimate Universes. Some serious stuff went down with too many A-list casualties to list (or believe) and the return of the Dark Phoenix, who’s a dude now. Now that the great schism has occurred and the status unquo’d, I’m looking forward to seeing where this creative team is going and whether they can keep the momentum going. I have my eyes on the Wolverine action figure variant for issue #2.

The Indie One: Mythic #1 Image


Science is a lie, an opiate for the masses. The truth is, magic makes the world go ’round. And when magic breaks, MYTHIC is the team assigned with keeping the gears of the supernatural world turning, and more importantly, keeping you from ever knowing about it. An intriguing premise from an award winning creative team. A $1.99 introductory price makes it easy to check out this new #1 from Image.

The #1 One: Injection #1 Image Cover B


I’m buying cover B for the soft, white cover and insanely detailed pencils. The subdued colors and flowery patterns look sweet and delicate and then you realize that it’s a face with a horrifying fungal infection. Get ready for a dose of sci fi and horror from Warren Ellis and the creative team behind his brief yet memorable run on Moon Knight.

The One I’m Buying for the Cover: Thor #8 Marvel Phantom Variant


Bonus points for revealing the identity of Lady Thor. Another ASM #300 cover swipe from Phantom. You guys keep printing them and I’ll keep putting them in my collection. Which character do you want to see get the 300 treatment? My vote’s for a Hulk cover with green numbers.

The Speculation One: Darth Vader #5 Marvel


Darth Vader is my favorite of all the Star Wars books out now. It’s an insightful look into one of the most powerful and complex characters in the Star Wars universe. But it’s not all about the Vader. The secondary characters like Aphra and triple zero have been delightfully twisted, evil, and memorable. Issue #5 promises to introduce some more characters, with unidentified green and yellow lightsabers crisscrossing the cover. Do they belong to Jedi? The force is strong with this one.

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The Crank File: What I’m Reading This Week 5/6/2015

Greetings, and thanks for routing into The Crank File issue #15. The Crank File was supposed to be a place where I offered my rants, ravings and speculations on all things comics, but slowly it seems to be devolving into a weekly preview column. I enjoy writing What I’m Reading because I get to share lots of fun, new comics with you, but mostly because it is far less intensive than writing a proper review.  

I feel like I say this every week, but it was a fun week to be a fan of comics. First a big thank you to my girlfriend who got me into a private Thursday night screening of Age of Ultron and spoiler alert, it was a mighty good time. The weather on Free Comic Day was perfect for traveling around comic shops and scrounging freebies. FCBD gets bigger each year and it’s starting to feel like a real holiday. The shops in my town continued stepping up their game on the biggest comic book day of the year with more artists, cos play and swag than a nerd could swing a lightsaber at.

And then there was Batman. Holy spoilers ahead, skip this paragraph if you still haven’t read Batman #40. Then go read Batman #40. While there was much grumbling from the other groundlings in the pit, I absolutely loved this issue. The war between Batman and Joker reached its only logical conclusion with the two foes lying at the brink of death in adjoining pools of blood, finally free from their eternal struggle. Heart-breaking stuff. My hat goes off to Mr. Snyder and Capullo for giving one of the greatest incarnations of the Batman an honorable death and a well-deserved rest.


Here’s what I’m reading this week:

The Top of the Pile: Descender #3 Image

Descend 3

Child-droid TIM-21 awakens from suspended animation and is terrified to discover that he and his robo-dog Bandit are the last two alive in a derelict space colony. Terrifying and poignant, rendered in dreamy watercolor, Jeff Lemire’s space adventure has delivered two superb, fast paced issues. Descender has lived up to all the hype so far, I’m really excited to see if the momentum keeps going in issue #3.

The Mainstream One: Secret Wars #1 Marvel

Secret Wars1

Marvel reveals their Secret Wars event which promises to kill the Marvel Universe. Realities collide and the most powerful beings from each world will have to fight for their survival on an alien planet called Telos… No wait, that was DC’s Convergence. This one is happening on a planet called Battleworld. The merging universes reboot feels trite but Hickman’s writing it and I need that Alex Ross variant cover, so I’m giving it one issue. Make it count Marvel.

The Indie One: We Can Never Go Home #2 Black Mask


A punk rock, love story that speaks in a voice that I haven’t heard in decades. We Can Never Go Home is as much a comic as a love letter to the lost youth of the 90’s generation. It’s mixed tapes and teenage romance, with just a touch of super powers. Young love on the run and I’m up for a road trip.

The #1 One: Roche Limit: Clandestiny #1 Image


75 years after its destruction, a group of military agents and research scientists return to the ruins of the Roche Limit space colony in search of answers. I really enjoyed the first Roche Limit mini-series, especially Michael Moreci’s dark, introspective prose. A new artistic team comes on board the Clandestiny arc, bringing a fresh look to the science fiction series. I hope that they preserve the stark, edginess that first drew me to the series.

The One I’m buying for the Cover: Swords of Sorrow #1 Dynamite Frison variant Cover


Dynamite gets in on the crossover action with superstar Gail Simone leading an all-female team of writers into Sword of Sorrows. This event brings together Dynamite’s fiercest female warriors including Red Sonja, Vampirella, Dejah Thoris, Kato and Jungle Girl. A bunch of beautiful variants will be offered for this first issue, with the amazingly talented J. Scott Campbell taking honors on the regular cover. The Lotay and Hack covers are both outstanding, but I’m really hoping to snag the Jenny Frison regular price cover.

Last Week’s Leftover: Justice League #40 DC


Justice League’s 40th issue was the prologue to the other DC event, The Darkseid War. It also featured the introduction of a new character who made her dramatic first (cameo?) appearance on the final page. I don’t want to reveal too much, but based on her lineage, it reasons that she will play a large role in the upcoming event. No doubt that the full identity and motives of this mysterious new villainess will be revealed next issue, so stayed tuned.

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The Crank File: What I’m Reading This Week 4/29/2015

Thanks for joining me for The Crank File #14.

This is usually the part where I would recap last week’s comic news and note any significant market movers. But in light of recent events, I’d like for us to take a moment and turn our thoughts to the innocent people in Baltimore and Nepal, both victims of senseless violence.

Here’s what I’m reading this week.

The Top of the Pile: Batman #40 DC


The gloves are off and the stops all pulled out. Snyder and Capullo’s masterful Endgame arc comes to a climatic finish in Batman #40. The Dark Knight and the Clown Prince have been racing towards the ultimate show down, and this issue will change the Batman universe for, well for at least the foreseeable future. Regardless, this issue marks a significant moment in Batman history and has unsurprisingly sold out at Diamond. It also features one of the most bizarrely awesome covers in Batman history. And that’s the regular cover. Don’t miss out on this one.

The Mainstream One: Fantastic Four #645 Marvel


This is it. The End. The fourth issue of the four part The End is Fourever story arc will also be the final issue in the Fantastic Four’s 54 year run. The fourmidable foursome may not have their own title four now, but they will not be fourgotten. It’s actually impressive that Marvel’s first family has never been rebooted before this. I guess family values never go out of style.

The Indie One: Alex and Ada #14


I think I’m in love with this comic, though it makes me kind of nervous to say so. Not the sexiest book on the rack, but Alex + Ada is definitely worth a look. This sci-fi thriller is soaked with social commentary, a compelling story that begs to be read and appreciated. In an age where shelves are packed with time-travelers, spies, super-powered beings and empty cheesecake, it’s refreshing to find a book that feels relatealbe and human. Read Alex + Ada, fall further in love, get next issue, goto 10.

The #1 One: Pisces #1 Image


Aliens with a heavy dose of psychological terror, Kurtis Wiebe returns to his horror roots with this new series from Image. Wiebe has built a dedicated fan base off the strength of Peter Panzerfaust and Rat Queens, but it was his work on Green Wake that won him a Shuster award for Outstanding Comic Book writer. Pisces #1 tells the story of a Vietnam war vet who is recruited by NASA for a mission to make first contact. There’s an advanced preview available on, and the artwork looks both vibrant yet genuinely creepy.

The One I’m Buying for the Cover: Silk #3 Marvel Regular, What the Duck and Nauck Phantom

Silk3Silk ThrillerSilk Pantom

The regular cover is just straight up zany. The Thriller cover is a delight (even though Silk isn’t actually on it) and I just can’t get enough of the ASM 300 cover swipes (even though Silk isn’t actually on it). It’s a menage a troi in Silk covers.

The Speculation Pick: Batman #40 DC

See the top of the pile.

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The Crank File: Here’s What I’m Reading 4/22/2015

Hey there comic book fans and welcome to The Crank File lucky issue #13. The Crank File is an open forum where I will offer speculations, reviews and ravings on all things comics.

Another week, another swipe at the Milo Manara Spider-Woman cover taken by deviant artist Frank Cho. Where will the dirty perpatrator strike next? Who will be the nex super-heroine sullied by his number two pencil? I can’t wait to find out because I think these covers are hysterical. Just a heads up people, Frank Cho will be coming to the Boston Comic-con in August and I’m hoping that he’s sketching covers. I’ve got this idea for a Power Girl Manara swipe that would blow your mind.

A light Wednesday for me and my wallet is thankful. On Saturday I discovered a swimming pool supplies shop that oddly enough also sold comics out of their warehouse. I brought home a stack of dollar books and I’m looking forward to hitting it up again this coming weekend. But there’s some fun stuff coming out between then and now so here’s pretty much everything I’m reading this week.

The top of the pile: Black Hood #3 Black Circle


The Archie revolution continues with Black Circle’s dark, modern tale of viganti justice and man has it been a heck of a ride. Black Hood is not your traditional super-hero crime drama. It’s an anti-hero story. Our protagonist Greg Hettinger is a basically an ex-cop junkie with a gun who executes with extreme prejudice. But the way that author Duane Swierczynski presents his inner conflict, you can’t help but him on as his life spirals out of control. Great read if you’re like me and you take your comics like your coffee, black.

The Mainstream One: Convergence #3 DC

convergence 3

I won’t lie, I might just skim this one off the rack. Convergence has landed sort of awkwardly and after only two issues I’ve have found myself asking over and over, “Why”? Why are we doing this DC? Why have you thrust your heroes into these trans-dimensional hunger games? Why do you tease us with the reunion of Bruce and Thomas Wayne and then don’t show us?? Issue #3 is a make or break moment for me. I hope you brought your A-game DC or I’ll be sitting the rest of this one out.

The Indie One: Postal #3 Image


Three #3’s at the top of this week’s list. I’m really enjoying the twisted world of Postal. This dark mystery is unfolding and has surprised me with a couple of interesting hooks. Set in the town of Eden, Wyoming where all the residents are reformed criminals, Postal is told through the town’s socially impaired postman Mark Shiffron. I haven’t been in love with the artwork so far, but contemplating the musings of a mildly autistic protagonist has been fascinating. He is simply the most reliable, unreliable narrator I’ve ever read. We can trust that everything that he’s telling us is true but we have no idea what he isn’t comprehending. Part Sherlock Holmes part Lennie Small, Postal delivers on Wednesday.

The #1 One: Uncle Scrooge #1 IDW


Life is like a hurricane, here in Duckburg. Race cars, lasers, aeroplanes. It’s a duck-blur. Might solve a mystery, or rewrite history. Duck Tales. If you hooted out “woooo-ooo” in your head just then, then you already know why it’s on my list.

The One I’m Buying for the Cover: Star Wars #4 Boba Fett variant Marvel


Because we can all use a little more Fett in our lives. I love the action figure variants and this one was limited to 5000 copies. I got mine reserved. I hope that you pre-ordered yours because the bay has been going wild with this one.

The Speculation One: All New X-Men #40 Marvel

Xmen 40

Comic golden boy Brian Bendis has been teasing a new super hero comic set in the Marvel Universe, The Utopians. Utopia used to be part of Asteroid M, base of operations for mutant super villain Magneto. After Asteroid M’s destruction, Cyclops moved a chunk of it off the coast of San Francisco where it became a sanctuary for mutantkind. So who are the Utopians? Judging by this cover, we will be finding out soon.

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The Crank File: What I’m Reading This Week 4/15/2015

Greetings comic book enthusiasts and welcome to The Crank File issue #11. The Crank File is an open forum where I will offer speculations, reviews and ravings on all things comics.

It’s beginning to feel a lot like springtime. The piles of snow have retreated back into the deepest patches of shade. After being buried in cold grey for months, you almost forget what spring is like. The longer days and the sweet warm air. Baseball games and roadtrips. A world reborn through itself, year upon year, as it has for eons. And as the seasons turn, things inevitably change. Case and point, I have three books published by Archie comics on my list this week as opposed to my normal zero. Let’s turn and face the strain. Here’s what I’m reading this week:

The Top of the Pile: Convergence #2 DC


Another great looking design variant from Convergence. Alternate realities collide in the second issue. Battles are fought and father and son are reunited. Thomas Wayne Batman from the Flashpoint universe meets Bruce Wayne Batman from our universe. These two haven’t seen each other since the 1930’s. Who cares that they just did the exact same thing in Spiderverse, reuniting Peter Parker and Spider-Ben?

The Mainstream One: Thor #7 Marvel


I’m really digging the new Thor. I think Jason Aaron’s script has been exceptional and the action sequences beautifully chreographed. A lot of Thor fans will disagree with me on this, but then I admittedly never was a big Thor fan. This new Thor intrigues me and her identity will finally be revealed in May. I’m hoping that some clues will drop in this month’s episode.

The Indie One: The Fox “The Hunt” #1 Dark Circle

The Fox

Coming from an award-winning creative team, this book is getting a lot of positive buzz. The artwork looks great and I enjoyed what I read in the preview. The first Archie book to make the list, this title from their Black Circle imprint promises to be a dark and engaging tale.

The Number One One: Archie vs Predator #1 Dark Horse


So technically a Dark Horse book, but the gang from Riverdale co-star here so I’m counting it. Archie and crew travel to spring break for some fun in the sun where they encounter Predators. That’s noat a typo. It’s quite beyond comprehension. Especially the “vs.” part. How is that title not “Archie Murdered by Predator”? Will have to read this one and find out for myself.

The One I’m Buying for the Cover: RunLoveKill #1 Image


Love this cover. It’s so good that this Image #1 is being released without any variants.

The Speculation One: Betty and Veronica #275 Adam Hughes variant Archie Comics


Adam Hughes can paint the female anatomy like no one’s business. His “good-girl” pinup art-style is instantly recognizable, oft imitated but never replicated. He is the dirty Norman Rockwell of our generation and this one is another hit.

Last Week’s Leftovers: TMNT #44 2nd Print IDW


TMNT #44 was so popular that it was rushed to a second printing. Last week I finally got a chance to read the “death” of Donatello issue without having to shell out 5x cover price. His savage beating at the hooves of Beebop and Rocksteady was certainly a powerful moment, one that should leave an lasting mark upon Turtle history. I will refrain from further spreading the rumors of his untimely death, but I think this could be Donatello’s Killing Joke moment.

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The Crank File: What I’m Reading This Week 4/8/2015

Welcome back comic book fans to The Crank File issue #10. The Crank File is an open forum where I will offer speculations, reviews and ravings on all things comics.

I need to be excused, I’m recovering from a mild case of March madness. No, I’m not talking basketball and Final Fours, I’m talking books. Seemed like each week’s pile was taller than the last and it was a struggle to keep the stack manageable. It is both a blessing and a curse, having this embarrassment of quality comics to read. My big winners from last week were two retro gems released by indie publisher Black Mask, Space Riders and We can Never Go Home. Both were very cool reads and warmly reviewed. With DC raising the curtain on Convergence and Marvel putting the final pieces in position for next month’s Secret Wars event, there’s plenty to look forward to this Wednesday. Here’s what I’m reading this week:

The Top of the Pile: Saga #27 Image 


Saga is going to be the top of the pile just about every week it is out. Super group Brian K Vaughn and Fiona Staples’ classic tale of a family torn apart by intergalactic war is a beautiful study in human emotion and conflict. It is one of those rare stories that seems to resonate deeply with people from all walks of life. Judging by the cover art, Hazel ain’t no a toddler nomore. I’m expecting a pretty significant time jump from issue #26. I can’t wait to catch up with my favorite interstellar epic that doesn’t believe in the force.

The Mainstream One: Convergence #1 DC


DC officially kicks the lid off it’s massive crossover event with 40 different #1 Convergence titles. In last week’s Convergence #0 we had learned that Brainiac has traveled across DC’s Multiverse, gathering cities imprisoned within force fields on a mysterious world. According to Brainiac, his motive is to “save” them from their destruction. Each of these cities-in-a-bubble represents an alternate reality, an alternate DC Universe with alternate heroes and villains. The barriers that separate their realities start coming down in Convergence #1. Be on the lookout for new faces and the return of some old ones. There’s probably no chance I’m finding that Snyder 1:100 Batman variant at a decent price, but man is that one cool looking cover.

The Indie One: Image, all of them


There are too many good books out from Image this week to choose just one, so I’m copping out and recommending all of them. I already mentioned Saga. Wednesday also sees the return of two of my favorite new titles, Copperhead and Birthright. We also get the follow ups to a bunch of #1’s that I just loved the heck out of, Descender, Surface and Big Man Plans. Then there’s Jupiter’s Circle #1, Nameless, Rat Queens, The Walking Dead… Dammit Image, why don’t you just take all of my money?

The #1 One: Rebels #1 Dark Horse


Fan favorite Brian Wood pens this fictional story about a militia formed during the early days of the American Revolution. I love historical dramas and the fact that the author is appearing at my LCS this weekend is just icing on the cake.

The One I’m Buying for the Cover: Deadpool #45 Phantom variant Marvel

daedpool 45

Another homage to the ubiquitous ASM#300 cover. Is anyone getting tired of this cover swipe yet? Because I sure as hell am not. Keep em coming Phantom, I hope this one goes to a gold second printing. On top of the absolutely killer cover, Deadpool #45 is being solicited as a 96 page “death” of Deadpool issue. Fair to say that this is going to be unconventional and things will get Wade weird. I can’t wait to see how this issue plays out, it could be a classic. Get ready for death with a chance of comedy.

The Speculation One: TMNT #44 2nd print IDW


The first print was an instant sell-out. The second print is already sold out in advance. Much hyped death of Donatello issue still scorching on Ebay, this week’s speculation pick is a layup.

Last Weeks Leftover: Wolverines #13 Marvel


I picked this one up for the cover because I mean, Deadpool playing Wolverine, hilarious. Just look at the dead bird hairdo and gardening rake claws and I dare you to not snicker. This turned out to be a real treat, with Deadpool bumbling his way through a day posing as Wolverine. Fun read, lots of lolz. Grab it if it’s still on the shelves at your shop bub.

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The Crank File: What I’m Reading This Week 3/25/2015

Welcome back comic book fans to The Crank File issue #9. The Crank File is an open forum where I will offer speculations, reviews and ravings on all things comics.

It wasn’t the 1990’s last week, but it sure felt like it. We saw a revival of Turtlemania and experienced full blown speculation insanity. People went ballistic over the ending of IDW’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #44. The death of Donnie was completely unhyped and came as a surprise to everyone. Most store owners were unprepared to handle the sudden surge in demand for the book, causing it to absolutely blow up on the secondary market. Both regular covers are already trading around $30 each and the 1:10 variant has cracked three figures. This was a $4 book on the shelf last week. With all the excitement surrounding TMNT#44’s ascent into the collectible stratosphere, it’s staggering to think that we could see another book repeat the feat this week. Booyakasha.

Here’s what I’m reading this week.

The Top of the Pile: Autumnlands Tooth & Claw #5 Image 

Tooth & Claw #5

If you read my past reviews, you’ll find out rather quickly that I absolutely adore the Autumnlands series. The first four issues of this tale of anthropomorphic wizards and warriors have delivered gorgeous artwork and masterfully balanced story telling. How will our band of heroes survive the oncoming assault by the Buffalo warriors? Can the Great Champion actually restore magic to their world? The action has slowed down a bit in the last two issues, but it seems as though the pieces are slowly moving into place. I’m hoping that Busiek and Dewey are ready to set it off in issue 5.

The Mainstream One: Multiversity: Ultra Comics #1 DC Comics


Grant Morrison’s Multiversity series has been a bizarre journey through a vast interconnected DC Universe that is as brilliant as it is ambitious. It has been a fascinating vivisection of comic books, examining the medium as a reflection of our current social condition. In the second to last issue, Ultra Comics breaks through the metaphysical fourth wall of the comic book page and lands in our hands. The “Ultra Comics #1” comic has made several notable appearances in other Multiversity stories, so I’m totally intrigued to see what’s inside. Morrison himself called Multiversity: Ultra Comics “a haunted comic book, actually, it’s the most frightening thing anyone will ever read. It’s actually haunted—if you read this thing, you’ll become possessed.” Bring it on you madman.

The Indie One: Squarriors #2 Devil’s Due

Squarriors 2

Another anthropomorphic adventure making the list this week. Although the story line feels a bit more traditional than Autumnlands, it’s the artwork that really makes Squarriors stand out. The pages are beautifully painted with realistic lighting and character designs, creating a dramatic edge that breathes life into the story. If you can stomach the 3-month release schedule then you should definitely check this title out. Originally solicited as a 4 part mini-series, Squarriors has already been green lit for a second series.

The One I’m Buying for the Cover: Sirens #1 NYCC exclusive variant Boom!

Sirens NYCC

Adam Hughes’ is considered by many to be the best in the business. Although he can be criticized for over-sexualizing his female subjects, there’s no denying the talent. His covers are stunning and his style instantly recognizable. This Siren’s #1 cover is no exception. Previously only available at the New York Comic Con, I’m picking up this beauty if it is available.

The Speculation One: Darth Vader #3 Marvel

Darth Vader 3

Introducing a new character to the Star Wars universe, Darth Vader #3 has already sold out ahead of release and could be hard to find on shelves Wednesday. If Aphra becomes a major character in the Star Wars universe, or if her character makes it into the movies, then this could be a key book. Pick up extra copies of this one wherever you can find them.

Last Week’s Leftovers: Silk #2 Marvel


This would have been TMNT #44 if I thought that there was any possibility that copies are still sitting on shelves anywhere. I picked this issue up last week for the ASM#301 Phantom variant cover swipe, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed reading it. With the huge amount of love Spider-Gwen has been receiving, I think this book has been getting overlooked and is actually the stronger of the the two new Spider-lady titles. Robbie Thompson’s writing is both humorous and heartfelt and I find Stacy Lee’s artwork positively charming. Regular covers of issue #2 should still be readily available. Pick one up and prepare to be bitten.

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The Crank File: What I’m Reading This Week

Welcome back for The Crank File #8. The Crank File is an open forum where I will offer speculations, reviews and ravings on all things comics. This will be the start of what I plan to be a weekly segment where I let you in on what I’m picking up at my local comic shop every Wednesday.

Here’s what I’m reading this week:

The top of the pile: Outcast #7

Outcast #7 Kirkman & Azaceta

I’m really digging the atmosphere Kirman and Azaceta have created in this gritty tale of demonic possession. The first arc was a bit of a slow build but the stage has been set for some seriously creepy stuff to go down in Outcast volume 2. I’m hoping the pieces start coming together and that we finally get some answers about our mysterious protagonist and his supernatural abilities.

The mainstream one: Batgirl #40

Batgirl 40

Although she’s been making headlines this week for Rafael Albuquerque’s controversial Joker variant cover, you should be paying attention to what’s happening to Batgirl in story. An unknown entity has been harassing Babs Gordon claiming to be the real Batgirl. The ending of Batgirl #39 and Barbara’s story in Secret Origins #10 seem to hint that she has unintentionally created an AI version of herself. #40 should be an exciting read with some potentially big revelations. There’s also a totally rad Purple Rain movie variant, making this pick a no-brainer.

The indie one: Alex + Ada #13


Things have gotten bad for Alex and his sexy, sentient ladybot Ada. Unlocked robots have been outlawed by the government and a nationwide bot-hunt is closing in on our heroes. I usually don’t dig romance stories and I was originally put off by the whole man loves a robot angle. But this book has totally won me over with it’s whip smart dialogue and societal undertones. Alex + Ada has shown huge amounts of heart and is one of my favorite reads this year.

The #1 one: Chrononaut’s #1

Chrononauts 1

Time travel stories have been done to death but Mark Millar and Sean Murphy are an all star creative team, so I’m willing to give this title a couple of issues to see if they can bring something new to the genre.

The one I’m buying for the cover: Silk #2 Phantom Variant

Silk 2

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed issue #1 and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next to the plucky Cindy Moon. Absolutely in love with the ASM 301 cover swipe. This one’s going to look great sitting next to my Spider Gwen Phantom variant.

The speculation pick: Green Lantern New Guardians #40

Green Lantern 40

Rumored to be the death of White Lantern Kyle Rayner.

Last week’s leftover: The Surface #1

Surface 1

It’s been called pretentious, pseudo-scientific, existential nonsense and it is a thing of beauty. The Surface peels back the layer of conventional thinking and unabashedly lays out its unique vision of reality and imagination. The artwork is gorgeous which helps prop up these lofty ideas. This book is not going to be for everyone so copies will likely still be available on the racks. A must read for anyone who has questioned the nature of existence.


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The Crank File: The Spectacular Dan Slott

Welcome back for The Crank File #7. The Crank File is an open forum where I will offer speculations, reviews and ravings on all things comics. Today I salute Dan Slott, current writer of Marvel’s Amazing Spider-man, for being an amazing human being.

Two recent events in comic culture have spewed waves of unfounded bigotry and hate across social media: a gay kiss on Walking Dead and rumors of a Black/Latino lead in the next Spider-man movie.

Someone remind me what year it is again?

Comic books have always provided a safe place for me. Like many of us growing up, I got picked on by other children for being different. It wasn’t vicious, just the typical meanness of ignorant youth. Not big enough, not tall enough, not fast enough, not Caucasian enough. Comic books were an escape from the harsh realities of the chalkboard jungle, a fantastic world where being a freak also meant that you could be a hero. Those comic book panels were the great equalizer. Regardless of your age, gender, race, species or whatever, if you were righteous and you defended the weak then that’s all that mattered, I would cheer for you. I still do.

And in that vein, I want to express my gratitude towards Dan Slott who has taken a stand against the rising tide of intolerance. Not only is he currently penning the adventures of Peter Parker for Marvel, he’s defending the case for a Black/Hispanic Spider-man and reminding us all why comic books are so frikkin awesome in the first place:

Dan Slott Lays Down The Case For A Non-White Spider-Man

I am Spider-man.

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The Crank File: Spec-tacular Spider-man Movie News

Thanks for joining me for The Crank File #6. Today I speculate on a couple of Spider-man related back issues that have jumped up in price due to a recent movie announcement

Happy lunar new year! In the Chinese zodiac 2015 is the year of the goat. inexplicably the Mandarin word for goat, yang, also translates as sheep or ram. So technically, 2015 is the year of the goat/sheep/ram. Don’t be confused by the conflicting imagery floating out there, it’s all good. OK, enough cultural education. To the comics!

Fans are still rejoicing after last week’s announcement that our friendly neighborhood Spider-man is thwipping his way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Thwip thwip!

Spider-man is the bacon of the comic book world, he makes anything better. Expectedly, the deal struck between Marvel and Sony Pictures has fans buzzing with anticipation. Where will Spider-man appear next? We already know that next year’s Captain America movie is titled “Civil War”, and Peter Parker played a pivotal role in the comic book series by the same name. And can you imagine how jaw-droppingly awesome an Avengers movie guest-starring Spider-man would be?

Shut up and take my money!

As speculation about the next Spidey movie runs riot, so has speculation on several key Spider-man books. But unlike the Civil War series which has been hot for some time now, these books have just started to tick upwards. So scrounge those back issue bins at your local honey holes, they could be holding gold.

Avengers 316

Written by superstar John Byrne in 1990, this is the issue when Spider-man officially becomes a member of the Avengers. It seems a lot of people are betting on a future Spider-man/Avengers movie. This was a $2 issue just days before the movie news hit. Every affordable copy has since been snapped up and are now popping up on online auctions asking $15-$20 for NM raw copies. And they are getting it. The craziest thing about the recent price jump is that there hasn’t been any news that a Spider-man/Avengers movie is actually happening. But if that movie ever is announced, watch out because this book could explode.

Ultimate Fallout #4


I’ve had this book pegged as undervalued for a while now. It features the first appearance of a very popular character, Miles Morales the Ultimate Spider-man. Our last decade of Spider-man movies have all kicked off with Peter Parker’s origin story. And as much as I love classic Spider-man, i just don’t think I can stand watching Uncle Ben get murdered for another time. I think a new take on Spider-man could be refreshing and equally amazing. Marvel movies have been borrowing from both the Classic 616 and Ultimate 1610 universes, so although a movie featuring Miles Morales as Spider-man would be a bold and unlikely move, it’s not unthinkable. Marvel has already been pushing diversity hard in their comic titles, why not in their movies? The Avengers could use a little color in their ranks. Once a $5 book, Ultimate Fallout #4 is consistently fetching $15-$20 with a scorching hot 1:25 variant. The first printing with Miles’ face hidden behind the title is the cover to look out for.

Happy hunting!

Oh, hey Fox? Do the world a solid and give us back the X Men and Fantastic Four already.