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The Female Perspective: Black Widow, Has Everyone Gone Crazy?

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I would be Black Widow in a second, uterus or no uterus.
I would be Black Widow in a second, uterus or no uterus.

I’m going to assume that most of you who read this blog know who Black Widow is, many of you probably know more about her than I do and that’s cool, please feel free to share that knowledge in the comments! That being said I want to address the fact that there seems to be a bit of a firestorm out there about Black Widow’s treatment in the last Avengers movie. Now, if you haven’t seen the movie, there are some spoilers in here so don’t read on if you don’t want to know!

Let’s just get right too it, shall we? The controversy that I have read about and am annoyed by, is the fact that Widow admits that she cannot have children, she is talking with Bruce Banner about her time in the Red Room and her final test,

“You know what my final test was in the Red Room? They sterilized me, said it was one less thing to worry about. You think you’re the only monster on the team?” – Age of Ultron, Black Widow

To me, when I saw that scene all I felt was overwhelming pity for Widow. What a horrid way to grow up, what a horrible test, to be forced into sterilization because others think that that makes you a better killing machine. What I loved about it was that it bonded her and Banner in a way he never expected. He is feeling monstrous, defeated and as if he’ll never have a future with anyone, least of all with this woman he is starting to love. He’s having a pity party and then BAM! someone has it harder than he does. It’s a wake up for Banner.

What Widow is doing is what she does best, revealing little bits about herself so that others understand who she truly is and what she is about. So that people don’t assume she is nothing more than a killing machine, she is a human being.

What Widow is NOT freakin’ doing is proclaiming that she feels sad or sorry for herself. She is NOT saying that this is the worst thing the Red Room did to her (contrary to a theory posed on iO9), she is merely talking about ONE thing that happen to her, that was DONE to her, in the Red Room. Why people have latched onto that as a thing to be pissed off about, I have no idea.


Oh wait, I do, because she’s a woman and God forbid that a woman, especially one as tough as Widow, admits to any kind of soft side. GOD FORBID. I have to say that as a woman, being forced into sterilization seems like a pretty horrendous thing to have happen. Yes, becoming an assassin and having to kill is bad but that’s something you can eventually change (as Black Widow has done). Being forcibly sterilized can never be changed so yeah, it’s pretty f-ing bad.

I’d like to know, in that scene, was Widow supposed to first say, “Oh yeah, on top of having to be a cold-blooded assassin I was also sterilized and that all just sucks so bad but none of it sucks more than any of the other parts of it,” is that what she should have said?

Give me a break people. Stop reading more into the scene than there actually was.

Now, I agree, there is a huge hole in the world of marketing for Black Widow, even Mark Ruffalo complained about the lack of Black Widow toys for his kids!

@Marvel we need more merchandise for my daughters and nieces. Pretty please. -Mark Ruffalo

To me, that’s more indicative of the problem than Widow expanding her character depth. The issue of her not being up front and center with the boys is a huge bummer for girls, old and young.  That should be what the discussion is about, not about Widow’s uterus and it’s functionality.

I’m going to throw this out there, I adore Joss Whedon, I think he IS a feminist and he does great work. He has written amazingly powerful female characters that are both strong and soft- he showcases HUMANITY in his work, he doesn’t just paint his characters as one-sided. I mean, for pete’s sake, look at Buffy Summers! She wasn’t perfect but she could kick butt. She made bad choices about men, she cried and she fell apart like a regular person. Albeit, a regular person with super powers. Look at Willow, same thing, she turned evil after her girlfriend was killed! What I love about Whedon’s writing is that he doesn’t shy away from allowing a character to be rough and tough and then also weak and soft. He let’s the audience see BOTH sides of his characters (both male and female) and that makes them fuller, more interesting characters.

The fact is, Black Widow does some very cool stuff in Age of Ultron and she saves the day more than once. Yeah, she gets captured but while being captured, she tells the team where the heck Ultron is so yeah, she saves the day and is NO damsel in distress (as a few have complained about).

She can’t ever have babies, so her life is ruined. She is an incomplete woman. –iO9

Is this seriously the argument being used? Lots of women find out they can’t have kids or that the kid making machinery has been taken from them due to illness or injury – to my understanding, it’s always a bad thing, it’s always a tough pill to swallow, why should Black Widow feel any differently about this? Internet people, please don’t twist it to make it sound as if Black Widow has said she is incomplete. That’s reading into a subtext that frankly, isn’t there. She’s trying to tell Banner that they both have issues’s (to put it mildly) and that’s what makes them so perfect for one another. She’s trying to hold onto the man she loves (like any woman would do) when that man is struggling with an emotional crises of faith and person.


Honestly, Black Widow needs her own movie and I think Joss Whedon should write/direct that bad boy so he can show us how Widow came to be the woman who is desperately trying to get the red out of her ledger.

Oh yeah, as an added note, this whole BS about Jeremy Renner calling Black Widow a slut for a second time?

Check Out The Video Here

That’s just class-A poop. It’s a non-story that some are trying to make into a story. I saw the video clip of the interview and I was not offended in the least, if you actually LISTEN to the interview, he calls himself a slut as well so internet people who think they are fighting for the feminist cause by adamantly defending a fictional hero, calm down and let’s all get back to acting like grownups.

What do YOU think? Tell me in the comments!

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The Female Perspective: Was It a Joke and Was It Even Funny?

Welcome! This is a Tri-weekly blog* by Author J.L. Metcalf where I discuss anything and everything that strikes my fancy. If you have ideas on what you think I should write about, please send me an email via my website!

For now, sit back, relax and enjoy the blog!

*All views expressed in “The Female Perspective” are those of J.L. Metcalf, not Great Stories, Inc.

What would Black Widow think of what Evans and Renner said? Hmmmm...
What would Black Widow think of what Evans and Renner said? Hmmmm…

I spent a lot of time this weekend thinking over my blog post for today. I go back and forth between a few different topics until I land on one that really speaks to me. Today, it’s not a simple idea to write about it, it’s one that is complicated, nuanced and tricky as heck. Today, I want to talk about how we all live an a culture that has knee-jerk reactions to stuff and sometimes I have to wonder, is that stuff really worth the anger and hub-bub?

I want to start by saying that nothing in here is meant to insult anyone and I hope that it can all be taken in the grand spirit of debate.

The reason I wanted to write this blog today is because of the Jeremy Renner/Chris Evans/Scarlett Johansson story that broke over the weekend and why it matters more than we want to think it does. 

First we’ll start with the Renner/Evans “joke”. If you haven’t seen it, watch below.

When I watched this I sighed to myself thinking, “this is a joke for two boys in a locker room or at a bar, not for an interview millions will see”. It’s a slippery slope because of a few different things, first off, Black Widow/Scarlett Johansson deserves more than this kind of treatment. My feeling about it as, who cares who she hooks up with? Why does she have to hook up with anyone? Oh yeah, because she’s a woman, silly me, I forgot.  The fact is, I like Evans quite a bit, he has shown to be a kind person and yeah, he’s Captain America, so I know my opinion on this matter is viewed through an “I want to like you” lens, which makes it hard to be angry. The question then arises, is this even worth being “angry” about?

Sometimes sexism just slips out. Sometimes it’s well-intentioned but doesn’t consider the bigger implications. Sometimes it simply doesn’t land as it was meant. None of which means the person doing it is inherently “bad.” But that’s exactly why we bring it up. –

The fact of the matter is that it’s sexism, well-intentioned and “accidental” though it may be, the whole thing stinks of sexism and that seriously bums me out. You want to think that because Black Widow has been such an amazing force in the Avengers movies that this won’t happen, but it does. Johansson gets asked if she wears underwear under her suit, I mean, really? What the heck does that matter and I know, as a woman, that I could care less! I want to know how she does her stunts, does she do her stunts? Stuff like that.

Black Widow the character get’s repeatedly pushed aside on marketing materials for the Avengers and you will be hard-pressed to find her on any of the new toys and merchandise. Why? Is it because she’s a minor character? Nope. Is it because she doesn’t do anything important? Nope. It’s because the execs who create the marketing think she is less than for some reason…oh wait, not some reason, it’s because she’s a woman.


I truly hate saying things like that, I feel like it makes me sound like an angry feminist but the fact is, I can be an angry feminist. I am angry that Black Widow doesn’t get her due (but PLEASE make a movie about her) when she is as good or even better than some of her male counterparts. The first time you meet her she is tied to a chair and kicks all sorts of ass without missing a beat. AWESOME.

So there are some problems here. Little things that, when added together, ultimately paint a bigger picture about the under-representation and lack of respect for the women of the superheroverse. A woman with sexual agency who is confident and secure in herself is a great, progressive step forward in terms of female representation. But it’s unfortunate that we’re still defining her by with whom she sleeps or flirts. Even if it is “just a tasteless joke about a fictional character.” A character that’s a very real entity despite the fact that she’s made up.

We’re not looking for another apology or a moratorium on jokes, just trying to bridge the understanding gap that seems inherent between those that understand just how subtle, insidious, and socially reaffirmed sexism can be. –

The fact is, Evans and Renner apologized (though I’ll say that Evans’ apology was classy and seemed sincere whereas Renner’s was kind of…blah) which is perfect and it should be enough but for some reason, it’s not. We don’t need more apologies, we simply need it understood that when you are in the public eye you really, truly have to think before you speak and no one’s perfect, I don’t pretend to think that for a second, mistakes happen but sometimes, those mistakes are more insidious than people think. Sometimes they prove the point that sexism is alive and well in the world and it can happen at the most surprising moments and while I don’t really want to get annoyed at every little thing, I do feel the need to state loudly and clearly, THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK.


Renner mentioned in his apology that Black Widow is a fictional character, why is everyone getting so upset about a remark made about a fictional character? Why is everyone so hyper-sensitive? Why can’t we have fun anymore?

Well Hawkeye, the reason is that we got the joke, sure we did but women have been the butt of this joke for a LONG time and we’re sick and tired of it. It’s time for a new joke, it’s time for some new material because right now, in this world we live in, those kinds of jokes simply aren’t as funny as they used to be. There is an edge of malice behind them that hurts, we want to laugh but sometimes, we ladies want to cry because it’s not right. Yes,  I realize that those that hate feminism will get up on their high horse and remark that the “feminists have lost their sense of humor again! Let’s all stop telling jokes because the feminists are mad!” But that is not what this is about. Not even close.

They were joking. They’re good guys. Why do you hate fun? We’ve been over this.

But there’s another more important question that Renner’s apology highlighted: Why get upset about something as trivial as remarks about a fictional character? Put it like that, and anyone who took offense sounds like a moron, arguing in the comments section about whether Batman could take down Tony Stark. It’s just fiction! Don’t get excited!

But there’s nothing less frivolous than fiction. You’d think the star of the mind-blowingly successful Avengers franchise might have realized that.

…Fiction matters. You don’t have the luxury of getting to know most people. But fictional characters you can learn inside and out. – Washington Post, “What Jeremy Renner Really Got Wrong About Black Widow”

The fact is, apologies have been made and articles have been written and the outrage has been felt. We need to move on and deal with stories that matter more in the grand scheme of things and right there is where I get stuck. Isn’t this type of quiet sexism what causes the problems today? Isn’t ignoring it or moving on what makes it so slippery, so invasive? It’s a conundrum for me because I don’t want to be angry. It makes me tired. I don’t want to hate Evans or Renner or any of the Marvel characters because I’ve seen them in other talk show venue’s and they all genuinely love and respect each other. It’s a joke, right?


Therein lies the problem, sometimes joke’s just aren’t all that funny. Sometimes they’re sexist and we have to speak up, even if it makes me sound like an angry feminist.

More than anything, I’d love to hear what Johansson has to say about all this, if anyone has seen a response from her about this “controversy” forward it along to me! Tell me your thoughts on this type of “joke”- funny, not funny, sexist or stupid? Sound off in the comments!