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New and Releasing Soon: Dragon Ball Super Card Game

What’s new fellow TCG players? I am very excited to talk to you about a brand new game coming to us this summer.


On July 28th Bandai is releasing the new Dragon Ball Super card Game’s first set release called “Galactic Battle”. The game will be featuring characters from the ongoing Dragon Ball Super anime while including past characters from the Dragon Ball universe. It is a competitive two-player trading card game that lets the players experience an exciting Dragon Ball battle.


This past month I was able to sign up for an early promotion to receive demo decks of the game to get a first look into this new adventure and to learn how to play. So first thing I did was get together with my good friend and YouTuber, Duke from “DeebzHub”. He covers mostly anything that is gaming and Dragon Ball. If you’re a DBZ fan go check him out here. We both came to the conclusion after playing the first few games and learning together that this is a fast paced, very different kind of game. Yes, there have been several cancelled Dragon Ball card games in the past; but this one is the one to stick around. This game deserves to be given a chance by any card game lover even if you’re not a fan of the show. There is already a national Facebook group with over 2000 members and growing quickly, even though the game has not even been officially released yet. Duke and I are in agreement that Bandai is doing a wonderful job at promoting and creating interest in this game. In-between the promotional giveaways and hype & tutorial videos on Bandai’s website they really seem to want to cater to the the Dragon Ball fan community. Even with the upset about the cancellation of Panini’s DBZ TCG, this new Dragon Ball game is going to be a breath of fresh air.

Now let’s get to what you all came here for:

The mechanics are fun, easy to learn yet very involved with card interactions. A deck consists of 3 different card types.  1 leader card of a character to lead the battle, which is the core of what you build your deck around. This is a two sided card that when you are low on life you “Power Up” to become stronger, and to turn the tides of battle around in your favor.

Start the game on your unawakened side, waiting to unleash your potential…
…then activate “AWAKENED MODE” after taking significant damage in combat, and unleash your TRUE power!



Then 50 battle cards that allow you to attack, defend and combo your opponent into oblivion!

battlecarddbs extracardsdbs

Of the few games I have played so far it is so amazing how much strategy there is in this game. My games have lasted between 5 to 7 turns back and forth and on average anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes which means that every decision you make in your early game is crucial to your late game play. On the flip side, as you take more damage you gain an advantage for your next turn. Let me tell you, the first time that you awaken your leader is when the real excitement kicks in. Your attacks become more powerful as you pummel your opponent. Don’t get a big head just because you’re in the lead; this game can go to either player at any point in time.


So grab your dragon radars and lets start an adventure and dive into this new game and fight it out in a Galactic Battle of SUPER proportions.

On July 26th come down to Great Stories for a demo day and walk away with your very own half deck and a promo leader card. You can also enter into Cards and Counters very first raffle for some DBZ merch.



Don’t forget to comment and discuss. What should we try next? What new game would you like the see come to Great Stories?

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New Finds: Final Fantasy TCG

New Finds is all about finding a new game and jumping into a new world. But brace yourselves for this one gamers…  There is a new TCG out for Final Fantasy produced by Square Enix. Yes, you heard that right. Let the nostalgia pump through your veins because all of your favorite characters, heroes and villains from the Final Fantasy franchise are here. Even if you have never played any of the FF video games you can still find this TCG enjoyable to play. The mechanics of the game are different and seems confusing at first, but as soon as you start to understand the rules of the game and play it, it all starts flow easily.

With two sets released the game has already made an impact in the TCG world. “Opus 1” was released to North America this past October of 2016, Opus 2 was released in April 2017 and Opus 3 coming out on July 21,2017. So far, I have not been disappointed with this game and there is already a well-balanced player base in the MA/RI area.

The biggest problem with learning any new trading card game is that everyone compares it to Magic. Please stop it. LOL…. Games are way more difficult to learn if you don’t use that games terminology. For example, instead of mana for the cost to cast something, in FFTCG it’s called crystal points to play a card. The mechanics for paying something to play a card is completely different than what the mechanics are for MTG. So if you start to compare something new to MTG, new players usually tend to say that the mechanics of the new game don’t make sense because of what they’re used to. So I find that the best way that you are going to learn anything new is to start your thought process with a clean slate. Read through the rules/instructions thoroughly, and then sit down with your best mate and play.

A FFTCG deck consist of exactly 50 cards and you can have up to 3 copies of the same card. There are 3 different cards types: Forward (your attackers), Backups (provide your Crystal Points aka CP and other abilities) and Summons (uses abilities and are used in response to an action). The game is played as best of one and is won by attacking with your forwards to deal the other player seven points of damage. There are eight different styles of cards within this game that are referred as elements. Each element is focused towards different kind of players and their play style. So far I have found success in Water, Fire and Earth Elements.

When first looking at FFTCG I opened up a starter deck with a Final Fantasy 8 theme. This means that most of the character cards are categorized as that game title and they all will compliment each other for in-game abilities. Names like Cloud, Biggs, Vincent and Wedge. Here is Cloud, one of the main focuses of the deck.


No matter how many times I play this deck, once I get this card out things start to go my way. The cost required to play Cloud is reduced and then each forward gains +1000 attacking power.IMG_0335

And then having Vincent out and attacking with 8000 fist strike can help chip away at your opponents forwards.


Now this is just the starter decks objectives. We have already seen tournaments in the UK and the way they have taken off with the deck building gets me even more hyped to dive deeper into this game.


This has turned out to be a new favorite game to play. I highly recommend anyone to give this game a try. If you are interested, swing down to Great Stories and ask about it. Ask me. Or you can try the below sites for information to get started. Also, make sure you check back with GSI’s Facebook page to see when the next events are.


For more of a national/world wide scene on Facebook:

To look up cards of the game:

For a Reddit Group:


Remember to comment and let me know what other games we should try. Come down to the shop nerd out with us.

Till next time… Catch ya’ at da shop!








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Cards and Counters: Release Reactions of Spring 2017

In this segment of Cards and Counters called Release Reactions, we will give a brief look at what’s exciting about the new sets of Trading Card Games that were just released. Due to great timing and scheduling this Release Reactions will discuss Magic’s Amonket and Pokémon’s Sun & Moon Guardians Rising.  Below are some quick highlights of cards from each set that I find attractive and that I will most likely be playing.

IMG_0283 (1)


Pokémon, Sun & Moon Guardians Rising:

Released 5/5/17

In the wake of the Sun & Moon base set we were introduced to the Pokémon GX. With the release of the Guardians Rising expansion, we have been given an even more powerful and fun to play Pokémon GX. Some people may believe that the GX’s are just too OP and that you can’t play the game unless you run a GX in your deck. These points may be true in some cases, but what I have found is that the Pokémon GX have brought a level of balance to the game play that the EX’s have tried to offer up to this point. I say that because the EX’s are mostly basic Pokémon and are fairly easy to get out into battle. As for the GX’s, some of them are basics but the majority of them are the top stage of an evolutionary stack. This means a player will have to do a little more work to get a GX out.

And if you think that you can’t fight EX’s or GX’s with normal Pokémon think again. There are ways to get around even the most powerful of Pokémon.

One example that has worked for me when facing either a EX or GX with a basic Pokémon is Kangaskhan from Sun & Moon. With 130 HP it can and has lasted me two turns against higher damage attacks. With the Hurricane Punch attack you have the potential to deal up to 200 damage. For me, this card has cemented itself with at least 3 spots in my standard deck and has gotten me out of quite a few pickles.


With the play style that I have found myself growing into, the combo that I am most attracted to out of Guardians Rising is Lunala and Lunala GX. First, I look at Lunala and see Shatter Shot; this does “40 damage times the amount of psychic Energy attached to this Pokémon”. Then the attack Wings of the Moone; 130 damage and “Move all energy from this Pokémon to your benched Pokémon in any way you like”. So with Lunala as your active Pokémon and having to remove all of your energy from it to go to the bench, this will slow your game down immensely. But in your next turn by using Lunala GX’s Psychic Transfer ability you are able to get right back into the fight. “As often as you like during your turn (before you attack) you may move a psychic energy from 1 of your Pokémon to another 1 of you Pokémon”. Then if you get stuck and need to retreat either one of them, as long as you have the Stadium card Altar of the Moone, you will have a free retreat cost. This combo has the potential to be a great back bone to any psychic deck in the 2017 standard.






One game play change that has come out of Guardians Rising so far is for the Special Condition Burned. The rule now reads: “Between turns, put 2 damage counters on a Burned Pokémon. Then, the Pokémon’s owner flips a coin. If heads, remove the Special Condition Burned from that Pokémon.

I can see this being a great rule change and should bring play balance to the special conditions. We’ll have to wait and see.



MTG: Amonket:

Released 4/28/17

So about a year ago I stopped keeping up with MTG to focus on other games and find new things within the TCG universe. You could say that I had a stale period with the game, but with the buildup of Amonket, the game started to catch my eye again. This is definitely the set to bring me back into the game.

After a friend of mine played in the pre-release event, I asked him about what he was most excited for in Amonket and he had only one word…. Zombies! So I started thinking about a straight zombie creature deck within the standard format and how fun it can be. I am really enjoying how much more graveyard management can be done with the newer cards from the past year or so.

The cards for a zombie deck that I would like to discuss are Dread Wanderer (Amonket), Stitchwing Skaab and Prized Amalgam (both from Shadows of Innistrad). These interactions can be very fun to play with the potential of being difficult for the other player to defend against. With the hand management of Stitchwing Skaab and with Dread Wanderer constantly triggering Prized Amalgam, it’s pretty awesome not having to worry about your hand size or top decking what you need. Just being able to keep playing creatures right from your graveyard is even better. Setting this up should be fairly easy and the game play should flow fairly quickly due to the low costing creatures and abilities. I am excited to see what players will come up with to answer this type of deck.



So at a glance I will say that both games added a lot of great stuff with these new sets. If you’re looking for somewhere to play or just need some inspiration with play and deck building, don’t forget to come down to Great Stories on Tuesdays for Pokémon and Fridays for Friday Night Magic.

Don’t forget to comment here or just meet me down at the shop. Let me know what you want to see reviewed or played. Is there any new games out there that I should play?


Till the next adventure….    Count your mana


MTG Joke

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Cards and Counters: Welcome

Welcome to the first of many adventures with Cards and Counters. Your one stop for all things nerdy and fun!

Here we will be diving into the many worlds of all Table Top Games that are old, ongoing or new/releasing soon. Whether you are a veteran, new player or have no idea what I’m ranting about; you will find that this is your local source for game stories, news and more.

Personally, I get hyped about any strategy game like Magic the Gathering and Pokémon while at the same time any role playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons Libary(just to name a few).  I have always been into comics and everything related to comics. But for the past 5 years or so I have been deeply into D&D and many TCG’s. The card game addiction for me started with Magic, but has grown and reached many others. I am always willing to try anything new to me and I am open to suggestions. Also, I am not above playing the good old fashion family game night board games (Monopoly, Risk, etc…). There have been many nights that I’ve spent playing monopoly until 4am. But those stories are for another time.

As of right now I’m invested in playing Pokémon and I play every Tuesday night at my local comic shop. And of course there is Friday Night Magic basically anywhere they sell booster packs. As for D&D, I am part of a game with a bunch a work buddies with a campaign that has gone on now for about 2 years. Granted, I don’t always make it to every game. But I play with great group of guys and one very patient DM.

No matter what game I am playing or where I play, the best part about table top games is the communities of players, imagination and competitiveness. I can’t count how new people I have met playing card games around New England by either traveling to locales other than my own or at conventions and tournaments. I have met some folks that live a couple hours away in different directions but they have became my closest friends all because we got to bond over doing what we love.

When you immerse yourself into one of these games you’re really jumping into a new diverse community of people that you easily become friends with and then later start to feel like family.

If you like to meet new people and like being competitive, just jump down to my local Great Stories Inc in Uxbridge, MA and find a table top game that suits you. It’s a great, reliable place. And someone is always there that is friendly, knowledgeable and supportive. Go see their gaming schedule and join us. Ask me questions, leave comments here and let’s start a conversation about strategy games. I am here to help in any way I can.  I’ll meet up and introduce myself and one of the many games that I love to play. Or if you have a game to introduce to me to, please do! Table Top games are here for fun, to escape to other worlds and to find new friends that you can just nerd out with!

Till the next adventure….             Roll for 20’s